Whats is IP Messaging

Messaging Technology Aug 09, 2020

IP messaging has become new buzzword in enterprise messaging industry due to Covid pandemic . IP messaging adoption by enterprises has accelerated due to onslaught of covid pandemic on their businesses . Enterprises see IP messaging brings them closer to their customers by providing them rich set of tools to communicate, engage,transact with their customers seamlessly.

SMS has been the primary mobile messaging channel used for P2P (Person-to-Person), A2P (Application-to-Person) and P2A (Person-to-Application) messaging.  A2P messaging is when an enterprise sends a message to its audience from an application and P2A is when the audience initiates interaction with the enterprise via an application.

After the advent of popular channels like Whatsapp, Wechat , Line, Slack traditional channels like SMS , Email started showing decline in their overall messaging volumes . Consumers started preferring data channels for  P2P and A2P communication over SMS  due to data channels multimedia and 2 Way messaging capability .

Even though messaging apps like Whatsapp, FB Messenger , Wechat, line, Telegram is positioned as P2p apps , but eventually they were also used by Enterprises and Small Businesses to communicate , engage and transact with their customers .

IP Messaging is a 2-way channel messaging over internet . it include OTT apps like Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber, Line, Telegram , FB Messenger and RCS - which is telecom operators answer for challenges posed by OTT players and supported by Google. Google is partnering with telecom operators and OEMs to offer a native messaging client, Messages, for RCS, SMS and MMS messaging, the upgraded client will deliver a unified messaging experience across the Android ecosystem.We will have to see how Google manages to bring various stakeholders like operators, OEM's , aggregators on same page for a universal RCS rollout .

Companies like Gupshup , Twilio, Message Bird was quick to identify this trend and they were the first to launch IP based messaging products . Gupshup was the first messaging company to launch Bot to Bot communication on their Bot builder platform and also forged partnership with leading messaging channels like FB Messenger and Whatsapp to make their API's available to enterprise customers . Gupshup manages all the heavy lifting to provide Single API to create seamless conversations across SMS, Voice and IP Messaging for Enterprises and Developers.

Gupshup's Single API enables seamless customer engagement across 30+ channels. Today, Gupshup provides full stack communication technology with a Single API for enterprise messaging needs and Bot platform with tools for building conversational experiences are used by thousands of enterprises from various business verticals like Banking , Finance , Retail, E-commerce .

IP messaging brings along capabilities  and features that enable real-time and seamless communication and sharing of rich media content like never before.

To make things simpler and easier to understand , i am lisitng out below few live examples of IP messaging adopted by enterprises

  1. Banking clients sending Transnational notifications about your Bank balance, cash withdrawals on your favourite messaging apps like Whatsapp or providing a Bot interface on Whatsapp for customers to enquire about their banking transactions like last 3 transactions, ordering chequebook , blocking a card or asking for a mini statement .
  2. Ecommerce clients sending notification about orders placed , delivery updates or providing Bot interface for product discovery , customer support . Titan was the first to have Bot on FaceBook messenger for product discovery .
  3. Hospital chains and Healthcare platform sending appointment details and reminders for patients .
  4. Enterprises are adopting Whatsapp as a channel for providing support for their customers in real time.

IP messaging is seeing a huge traction and can only grow to new heights from this point . Also there is whole new ecosystem that is coming  up to support IP messaging . Technology giants like FaceBook, Goolge ,IBM and Oracle have launched their Bot development platforms  and are used by companies and developers to develop Conversational chat bots on IP channels .

Also there are CRM and Marketing Automation companies like MoEngage, LeadSquared, OneDirect, CleverTap helping enterprises to better understand their customers by providing right tools to manage customer life cycle . This companies help enterprises in smart  segmentation, enable omni-channel campaigns, provide intelligent customer engagement platforms.

I believe all this innovations that are happening in messaging space will help enterprises and their customers in a big way. For consumers, it is the freedom to reach out to Brands\Businesses in their preferred channel to communicate, engage and transact and for enterprises it is an opportunity for delighting their customers by deploying IP messaging .  

Happy IP Messaging


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