Teaching kids to code since 2010- Campk12

Edtech Aug 06, 2020

CampK12 founded in 2010 by an MIT computer science grad as India's first coding bootcamp for K-12 students. Since then they have taught coding to 50,000+ students, and partnered with 100's of schools and institutions to inspire a generation of young innovators.

Students has the opportunity to learn from the world’s best teachers in the comfort of home. LIVE, Interactive, Fun.

Founded by Anshul who has worked at tech firms like Microsoft, Apple, Google, served Fortune 500 CEOs at McKinsey & Company, completed an MBA from Harvard University, but ultimately returned to the intersection of his two loves. At Camp K12, Anshul is building a school of the future — bringing 21st century skills to k-12 students located anywhere in the world via Live / interactive / gamified online sessions that are 10x better than status quo.

Campk12 offers CODING, MATH AND LOGIC COURSES, DESIGNED SPECIALLY FOR KIDS Mobile App Development. it also offers below mentioned advance courses

Artificial Intelligence

3D Coding (AR, VR)

Web Development

Python Programming



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