Agropost - Online Marketplace for Farmers

AgriTech Startups Aug 06, 2020

As BJP Govt  is focusing on empowering farmers by removing APMC acts , providing freedom for farmers to sell their produce as per their wish , companies like Agropost will play pivotal role in this new ecosystem . They provide digital interface on website, android\IOS app  for farmers to post data about their produce and reach out to buyers spread across India .

AgroPost is providing latest technology and platform to connect Farmers and all agriculture related service providers such as Wholesalers, Retailers, Agri Experts, Exporters, Manufacturers, Seed Suppliers, Transporters etc. This mobile APP is developed to help formers to connect with the market on regular basis across India and helps to have own social network.

Farmers can post free ads for selling. Buyers can search and filter the posts for specific category, feature within specifies distance. They can chat or call directly with the post owners.

This APP helps Farmers to sell or buy items in local to national level market. Farmers can also call or write to any service provider, be it wholesaler or buyer or agri expert. They can negotiate with the potential buyers using chat and calling feature. It encourages the Farmers and Agricultural beginners through relevant educations, videos, news.

Through this mobile APP farmers as well as any service provider can advertise his/ her products and services to whole community. Good platform to promote new products. Farmers have the facility to search and view relevant posts and chat or call with the post owner.


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